Lethbridge Symphony

We create and promote a first class orchestra producing memorable musical experiences for audiences of all ages.

Residents of Southern Alberta are justly proud of the Lethbridge Symphony, a true community orchestra that combines the talents of many of this area’s finest musicians.

Founded in 1960, and incorporated as a charitable non-profit in 1961, our first half-century of music was created by local artists who played on a volunteer basis. They gave freely of their time and talents so that audiences might share with them the joys of symphonic music. A resident music director was hired in 1978, and our resident professional quartet, Musaeus, was founded in 1982.

Today, your Symphony still comes from a broad cross-section of the community. In addition to many skilled amateur players, the orchestra is composed of outstanding local professionals as well as talented students. Occasionally, a few professional players are brought in to fill positions that cannot be filled locally.

Under the leadership of music director Glenn Klassen, this unique mix of musicians combines to form the highly successful Lethbridge Symphony. We produce a dozen large events annually, including the Symphony Series, featuring the full orchestra, and Symphony Extras that feature small ensembles from the Symphony, as well as our ever-popular Kids Choir and Feel the Beat programs, and Love Notes.

Any musicians who may be interested in joining the orchestra should please contact us.