I know what you’re thinking – Lethbridge has a SYMPHONY?! Before you join us, whether for your very first time or the 1092, there are a few things you may want to know:

Our productions with intermission, range from 90 – 120 minutes.

What about drinks and snacks? I’m thirsty all the time! Understandably, it may be hard to sit through an event without having a drink available. You may bring your water in a resealable container to your seats. If you forget yours, we have some available for a $2 donation in the lobby area. Please bring them to your seats and enjoy the show!

Well sure, but what about the technical stuff? Technically, we just want you to have an amazing experience. Not sure when to clap? If you loved the piece, clap! See a new performer or Artist walk on stage? Welcome them with a round of applause.

We ask that you put your phone on silent, as not to interrupt or distract the performer(s) or other fellow concert-goers, but take those selfies (preferably not while they are playing)! We love seeing them on our social media. Due to copyright laws, we are unable to allow videos of the performance. Yeah, we wish you could too.

As we move towards the digital era, we are looking at having our programs available to you on your phone! Exciting, right? Since we expect that you will be referring the programs during the concert, we ask that you turn down your screen brightness, as the performer(s) and fellow concert-goers do not expect to be playing and watching while your screens are lit up like the first of July!

The number one question we get asked is, “What do I wear?” To put it bluntly, you do you! Are you feeling casual that day and want to wear your favourite pair of jeans? DO IT. We promise you won’t be the only one. On the other hand, if you’re going on a date, a night out on the town, or really just feel like wearing your glitz, go ahead and do it! Again, you won’t be the only glamorous one that night. All that we ask is that you are comfortable.

Now, what you won’t see much of is ball gowns, coattails and bowties. Most of us save our dress-up days for our annual fundraiser Love Notes, where you can actively promote and give back to the community through our Vibrations education and outreach programs.

You might find that our answer is very subjective. Since the Southminster Church is a fairly intimate venue, there are very few “bad” seats in the house. For the best mix of sight and sound, you will want to sit somewhere in the center of the floor, or front and center upstairs. With that in mind and budget is a concern, price tiers decline the further away from those seats, and so will things such as sight lines and audio quality.

There are structural posts within the building which may obstruct some audience members views. The posts located on our map are marked in pink, and all seats behind the posts are priced lower, accordingly.

Check out our available seating here