The Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra will present Les Miserables Dec 16, 17, 18, 2013 @ Southminster United Church.

The auditions for the three children’s roles will be held Saturday, May 25, 2013 in the LCI band room:

Boys @ 1:00 pm
Girls @ 3:00 pm

Auditioners should bring their own music, showing their vocal range, strength and ability to hold pitch. Accompaniment will be provided. A good example of a song for boys would be “Consider Yourself” from Oliver, or something similar. A good example of a song for girls would be “Castle on a Cloud”.

Boy’s role

Appearance: Must look no older than twelve years. Must be able to move very well.
Experience: Preferred, but not required.
Character: This is a strong acting/singing role. Gavroche has been abandoned by his parents and has lived on the streets since he was very young. He is cheerful, cocky, fearless, generous – and tough as nails! He is the younger brother of Eponine.
Accent: A coarse British accent is required. Note: He must be allowed to swear, though the coarse language is very mild.
Vocal: A strong singing voice is required. Has considerable solo work.

Girls’ roles:

Cosette (young)
Appearance: Must look no older than eight or nine years. Very slim, delicate, preferably blonde.
Experience: Preferred, but not required.
Character: Cosette is very delicate, as she is being raised by the Thernardiers, innkeepers who treat her cruelly and do not feed her well. She also is treated cruelly by young Eponine, the Thernardiers’ daughter. She is shy and guarded, desperate for affection. She was placed in the care of the Thernardiers by her mother, Fantine, who has become a prostitute, so that she can earn sufficient money to pay for Cosette’s care.
Accent: ‘Common’ British accent.
Vocal: Clear soprano voice with good projection.

Eponine (young)
Appearance: Age eight or nine years old.
Character: This is a non-speaking, non-singing role; one scene only. She enjoys tormenting young Cosette.

Director: Fran Rude
Music Director: Ken Rogers