On Thursday, September 9, 2018, interested members of the Association gathered at Southminster Hall to review the Annual Report, and elect new board members, all of whom are strong music enthusiasts. We also bid farewell to Dione Overes, David Shefsiek, and Lisa Weich, with many thanks for their service to our organisation, in ways big and small.

The audited financial statements were presented Avail CPA, once again detailing a surplus for the fifth year (the third year since the organisation has resolved its deficit), this year of approximately $33,000. In addition, President Doug Emek, Music Director Glenn Klassen, and Executive Director Melanie Gattiker made short presentations (see links for details).

Newly Elected Board Members

Mike Easter (agronomist)
Dr Joel Hutcheson (research scientist / entomologist)
Diane Llewelyn-Jones (youth employment facilitator, actor / director / producer)
Jarett Rigaux (community activist)

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting – we look forward to a great 2018-2019 Season!