Our annual collaboration with the University of Lethbridge Opera Workshop, under the direction of Dr Blaine Hendsbee, is always a great success that entertains and lifts people’s spirits during the dark winter days of late January / early February.

Having the opportunity to perform with a live symphony orchestra while completing an undergraduate degree is a rarity and the experience helps bring together all of the elements learned in various classes and lessons. It also helps make the University of Lethbridge’s Opera program one of the most prestigious in the country, with graduate schools regularly admitting graduates from our area.

Sung in English, our Opera events are accessible to anyone – no matter how little experience you may have with the art. Fully staged, these performances are complete productions requiring weeks of rehearsal. The singers and the orchestra work hard, both separately and together, to create a whole new world in Southminster United Church as the setting for each story.

The Gondeliers

Gilbert and Sullivan

Not all opera performances are the same, and Gilbert and Sullivan shows this time and time again with their masterful pieces. This rom-com is expertly portrayed by the University of Lethbridge’s Opera Workshop, that will have you tapping your feet and leaving with a smile!