Planned Giving

Fine Music is lasting – sharing thought, emotion and history from one generation to another. For five decades, the Lethbridge Symphony has been sharing centuries of music with our community, and along the way, created lasting memories, fostered friendships and built our community through music.

Caring music lovers have let us know that they have included the Lethbridge Symphony in their long-term estate plans, alongside decisions to support their family, friends, church, health agencies, educational institutions and the many diverse interests that are important to them.

But most importantly, we need to celebrate the remarkable, generous people who are thinking ahead and helping to ensure that generations upon generations of people in our growing region have the opportunity to enjoy the power of music. We thank our Planned Giving benefactors at our Conductor’s Circle Soirees and throughout the year.

Thoughtful estate planning can maximize the impact of the resources accumulated over a lifetime, and make a real difference in your community. We invite you to learn more about the many options that may be available to you by speaking with your estate planner, and by contacting us.