Feel the Beat
A mainstay in our community, Feel the Beat offers a lighthearted introduction to live symphonic music for kids of all ages – even those trapped in adults’ bodies. Every May, Southminster United Church fills with thousands of youngsters – many of whom see a ‘giant violin’ (also known as a double bass) and numerous other instruments for the first time. The wonder, interest and fun enjoyed by the audience are always a sight to behold, and we are thrilled to be continuing this program, picking up where the University of Lethbridge Conservatory of Music left off after seven years. From having kids compose their own piece to learning about how Beethoven grappled with his hearing loss, from watching brass players use garden hoses to make their music to learning about Mozart’s struggles with genius, each year’s event offers something new and different, while engaging all of the senses.

With five daytime performances over three days, each about an hour long, these concerts are particularly geared towards schools. Do you home-school? No problem – we’d be happy to have you! We also offer an evening performance open to the public at discounted rates, so if you’re keen to come enjoy with your family, we’d be keen to have you. This event is also perfect for audience members who experience challenges attending longer events.

To learn more about this program, visit this season’s event page or contact your Lethbridge Symphony.