What about the technical stuff?

Well sure, but what about the technical stuff? Technically, we just want you to have an amazing experience. Not sure when to clap? If you loved the piece, clap! See a new performer or Artist walk on stage? Welcome them with a round of applause.

We ask that you put your phone on silent, as not to interrupt or distract the performer(s) or other fellow concert-goers, but take those selfies (preferably not while they are playing)! We love seeing them on our social media. Due to copyright laws, we are unable to allow videos of the performance. Yeah, we wish you could too.

As we move towards the digital era, we are looking at having our programs available to you on your phone! Exciting, right? Since we expect that you will be referring the programs during the concert, we ask that you turn down your screen brightness, as the performer(s) and fellow concert-goers do not expect to be playing and watching while your screens are lit up like the first of July!