Glenn Klassen

Music Director

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Mark Rodgers

Orchestra Personnel Manager

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Sandra Klassen

Orchestra Librarian

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Nancy Graham

Stage Manager

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Gregg Samuel

Equipment Manager

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Melanie Gattiker

Executive Director

Music has been part of Melanie Gattiker’s life since grade 2, when she started singing in choir and taking piano lessons. After a dozen years, she decided learning tenor saxophone would also be cool, and even flirted with the oboe a few years after that. Arts administration became part of the fringes of Melanie’s life in elementary school, when her mother began working for a theatre. While music performance was not in her long-term future, working behind the scenes to make live music happen definitely is!

After returning to Lethbridge from a four-year stint in Denmark, Melanie completed a Bachelor’s degree in General Social Science (History, Political Science, Sociology) at the University of Lethbridge in 2009 – proving in the process that you really can go home again. During this time, she also worked for The Meliorist Student Newspaper as a reporter and copy editor, and in the University Theatres as a concert stage manager and front-of-house assistant.

Melanie became involved with the Lethbridge Symphony as a volunteer in early 2008, proof-reading text and helping with front-of-house at concerts (especially during the shift from the Yates to Southminster United Church). Her first event as an employee of the Symphony was Kids Choir in 2011 – and what better introduction to what the Symphony does and its place in the community!

There have been many changes during her time with the organisation, including bringing ticket sales in-house, a revamp of chamber events, recapitalising the organisation, staffing changes (including becoming Executive Director in 2016), two office moves, and of course, growth – artistically and operationally.

In her spare time, Melanie enjoys working her language muscles (she’s virtually fluent in 5), travelling (since her family are all overseas, other than her mother, that’s a must), reading, binging television series online, and feeding other people her (sometimes crazy, but strangely yummy) kitchen creations. She also does freelance work as an editor and interpreter/translator when the opportunity arises.

Sheri Becker

Operations Coordinator

Sheri is the Operations Coordinator for the Lethbridge Symphony and started in the box office in December 2018, but her journey to the box office started many years before that.
She graduated in 2009 with honors in Business Administration and Marketing, and moved quickly to a financial and insurance center in Calgary Alberta. Discovering that business was not only the right career path for her, she found that it was also a passion of hers to help small businesses become established. Founded in 2012, she established her own photography and consulting business, combining her love for the arts and business.
At home, she has four daughters and a Frenchie who keep her incredibly busy when she’s not dedicating her time with the Symphony.

Mary Opyr


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